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Bulk Bases

1 gallon.jpeg
5 gallon bucket.jpeg

1 Gallon

4 Gallon

55 Gallon

If you just want the base CBD products for you to make your own this is the perfect solution for you. All our bases come unscented and dye-free to make you own. Add essential oils, fragrances, or colors to make it your own unique product. 

They come meticulously dosed with our standard dosages, plus at least 5% per unit size to make bottling easy. This will give you up to 5% of the unit weight to add your custom ingredients without going under the advertised dosage. 

Our business portion of our website will give you access to pricing for all our bulk bases. 

If you want us to customized the base for you before shipping fill out our contact form and representative can get you a custom quote for your project. 

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