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Hemp Processing

Hemp Processing

Hemp manufacturing services produce high-quality ingredients from hemp and hemp-derived ingredients such as CBD Crude Oil,  CBD/CBG Distillate, or CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC Isolates.

Before that can occur, the hemp (or CBD/Cannabidiol) oil and other ingredients must be refined to a standardized form so they can be infused into finished products.

This requires well documented and consistent processes for producing oil and other high-value manufacturing ingredients which can be derived from hemp, varieties of cannabis containing <0.3% THC.

The hemp manufacturing process contains many steps from seed to sale. Because CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids are intended for use as natural medicine, or supplement, it is essential that hemp cultivation, CBD extraction, cannabinoid distillate, and product manufacturing follows cGMP Manufacture (Good Manufacturing Practice) – the standards that ensure safe production of food and drug manufacturers.

Krystilion Processing Standards

Krystilion facilities are designed with the proper sanitation and controls necessary to produce high-quality ingredients and final products.

As the hemp industry matures and becomes better regulated, manufacturing, and quality assurance standards from other industries help inform best practices.

Krystilion draws on international quality standards such as GAP (Good Agricultural Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) when developing facilities and processes. Food grade and other agricultural standards such as organic certification may also be relevant.

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