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Updated: Jan 5

I regularly have people interested in trying CBD but aren’t quite sure where to start. Sometimes they share their pain or struggles from arthritis, past injuries, workout recovery, ADHD, anxiety(human and pet), and general body aches and pains. Other times they’re looking for something special to help them relax, sleep, or treat themselves.

Listening to these stories and being able to connect with customers is what drives me to do what I do every day. It’s not always the same for everyone although I’ve noticed a pattern worth noting, we’re getting the best feedback on these 5 products:

  1. CBD Muscle Freeze It’s Krystilion’s #1 seller and often my go-to recommendation for aches and pains from arthritis, worn-out joints, sports, strenuous jobs, or just the wear and tear of life (aka my 2-year-old daughter who runs nonstop). It’s dosed with menthol that creates a cool sensation that gets to work right away reducing inflammation and loosening up muscle. Then the Full-Spectrum Hemp Distillate, organic Arnica, and Tea Tree get to work alleviate soreness from bruising, tender muscles, arthritis, cartilage pain, and inflammation creating a long last relief. A recent customer purchased it to help with an old knee injury that was still putting her in constant pain. She said, “This CBD gel roll-on is amazing - honestly and I have had a couple of other friends try it as well and the consensus is it’s fantastic!”

  2. Spearmint Tincture This is a classic CBD oil product that has proven tried and true for multiple uses. It’s typically taken sublingually which allows for the full body to benefit from all the wonderful cannabinoids. The spearmint flavoring is mild but helps with the taste of hemp. It also works well with most toothpaste making it easy to add as part of your morning or bedtime routine. “I add it into my mint tea in the evening and it’s my new favorite part of my bedtime routine,” says Amanda. “It helps my body and mind relax, allowing me to sleep better. I’ve been waking up feeling more well-rested then I have in years”. Many of our customers use it for complete body wellness, ADHD, sleep, stress, and anxiety. A recent customer came to us at a complete loss. All the different types of ADHD meds he had tried had too many side effects for them to be worth taking. He tried our 1000mg Tincture and has been experiencing great results without any negative side effects.

  3. Bee’s Knees CBD Bath Bomb 100mg Does the name not just say it all? This is a favorite for our customers looking for something special to treat themselves and relax. This bath bomb is a smooth and creamy honey bomb for a luxurious experience that makes you feel like you’re in a spa from the comfort of your home. With COVID in full swing, we can all use a little bit of this. This one is a favorite but, but when choosing from our bath products it's mostly about personal preference. It’s about the full experience of the scent, color, bath salts vs bath bomb. So it’s always best to pick the one that checks the right boxes for you. All of them are all-natural and carefully sourced to be free from parabens, SLS, SLSA, and other harmful chemicals.

  4. CBD Body Butter This CBD cream is smooth and luxurious without the sticky or oily feeling you may have come to expect. It’s generously dosed with our in-house distilled Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate. I often recommend this when someone has arthritis on their hands, gout, or joint pain. “My arthritis and gout are so bad I couldn’t drive because it was too painful to grip a steering wheel,” said Bill, an 83-year-old customer of Krystilion. “I rub the CBD cream into my hands 10-15 minutes before I need to leave. By the time I’m in the car, it loosens my hands and I can hold the steering wheel without pain”.

  5. Pet Tincture Customers are saying this is a must-have product as fur moms and dads with stressed, anxious, or allergy-prone pets. It is great for pets of all sizes, but it’s important to adjust the dosage for your pet. I received a message about 6 months ago with a common story about a dog who has terrible separation anxiety. He had received a complaint from his neighbor that the dog was constantly whining and barking while he was at work. A friend had recommended CBD as a potential solution but wasn’t sure where to start. His dog weighs about 65lbs so I recommended the 500mg Pet Tincture. He recently shared with me, “It completely chills him out. Some days are still better than others, but I haven’t had any new complaints from my neighbors and he seems to handle our time apart much better”.

Not everyone fits into these categories or share the same daily challenges, but we’re truly fortunate to be in a position to help with some of these issues people (and pets) are coming to us with. If there is something you’re experiencing or still aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. I would love to connect, hear your story, or challenge and share if we’ve helped solve any of those issues. If you’re a customer who wants to share feedback, we’d love to hear from you in our newly added product reviews.

Amanda Young is one of the founders of Krystilion. She is a creative visionary at work and in her personal life.

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