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CBD Topical is Helping Golfers Save Strokes

I enjoy getting out and golfing when I can. A few months ago I watched my buddy make a terrible shot and then wince in pain while grabbing his back. He’s been playing his entire life and suffers from back inflammation known as golfer’s back and it results in tightness and pain. I gave him a Krystilion CBD Muscle Freeze roll-on stick and asked them to let me know the difference in their golf game.

Krystilions CBD Muscle Freeze is our #1 selling product and a favorite among customers for many reasons. It provides a cooling sensation that can be used as a spot solution for sore joints and muscles. One of the most common use cases for physical ailments is the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD assisted with other cannabinoids for maximum impact. For that reason, we use our in-house processed Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate.

The product also includes organic Arnica, Tea Tree Oil, and Menthol to alleviate soreness from bruising, tender muscles, arthritis, cartilage pain, and inflammation from an injury. It’s also infused with organic Aloe Vera to hydrate the skin and leave it smooth and glowing, never sticky.

After a few weeks, I asked him how his back was holding up while golfing and he is extremely impressed by the results. He said, “he thinks he probably saves at least 3 strokes per round now that his inflammation is down”. “It's really nice to not have to worry about the pain in my swing and am able to focus and enjoy the golf experience far more now” he added.

Another friend thought he was going to have to hang up the clubs in a year or so because his back pain was so bad. “This is helping my back a lot from hurting and it's also so easy and quick to apply. I just leave it in my golf bag and apply it on the first hole every round” he said. “Now I feel like I have a brand-new back”. Although it’s costing me a bit of money in golf bets now that they’re playing better, I am happy to see my friends enjoying the game they love-pain free.

When asking my friends for their opinions of the roll-on here are the quotes they gave me:

“This is the best CBD! CBD for pain not only is working better than a usual pain pill but it’s not doing the damage to my body that a pain pill is”.

“The muscle freeze is great because the menthol cools my back helps with the pain instantly to num the pain while it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the CBD to be infused”.

In conclusion, the CBD muscle freeze is my favorite and most used topical and if you’re suffering from any pain especially back pain this product is a must-try!

About the Author: My name is Dan Healey and I am the VP of sales at Krystilion. I am enthusiastic about working in this industry and with this business because I was injured in my mid-twenties playing football and now have arthritis in my back. So now I get the pleasure of selling products that I use on a daily basis that helps me continue to participate in the activities that I love like golf, weightlifting, and softball.

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