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CBD makes Senior Dog Feel Like a Puppy Again

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

My favorite part of my job is hearing the stories about how our products are helping our customers live better lives. But as a dog lover, this is one of my favorite reviews to date. A friend of mine has three dogs that are all between 15 and 16 years old. She says they all have arthritis that prevents them from being able to run around and play. My friend tried Krystilion Pet CBD Oil and I asked her to let me know if it helped relieve some of the pain her pups were experiencing.

I ended up meeting up with her a week later and when I asked how they were doing she gave me the best answer I ever heard. She said “Well they definitely don’t seem to be in pain anymore but now I have a new set of problems. They feel so good and have pent up energy so they’re running around my house and playing like puppies and they don’t want to stop.” She smiled after saying that because you could tell that she was very excited to have dogs that were excited about life again and not in constant pain due to Pet CBD Tincture.

Krystilions Pet Tincture is a CBD oil for dogs and cats. Customers have reported it helping their four-legged friends with managing nausea and digestive issues, easing separation and travel anxiety, and whole-body support. Pet CBD drops for dogs and cats contain oil extracted from hemp using advanced distillation and formulation science. We ensure our hemp extract is the highest quality with no pesticides or residual solvents. It comes unflavored; which makes it perfect to be dropped directly on a pet’s favorite treat to make pet CBD treats.

The most common question we get is how much CBD oil should I give my pet? The general rule of thumb is 1-5mg for every 10lbs of body weight every 8-12 hours or as needed. The dropper that comes with Krystilions CBD Pet Tincture bottle has measuring lines on it for easy use.

Pet relief CBD is actually being studied by a variety of global institutions to discover ways we are able to help our pets. A study at Cornell University came to the conclusion that CBD oil for dogs actually helps with Arthritis pain. Also, Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinarian out of Oakland California did a test on his own dog and found CBD oil helped his dog with Seizures.

Studies on Pet CBD Drops are being done all over the world and we are finding healthier ways to prolong our pets’ lives and especially the quality of life for our 4 legged friends.

About the Author: Dan Healey is a founding member who first experienced the positive benefits of CBD. He was injured while playing football and has arthritis in his back, through daily CBD use has found relief from his chronic pain. It has given back to him the ability to play golf, softball, and weightlifting. His 10lb pomeranian, Lucky, is the Krystilion mascot and is everyone’s favorite co-worker.

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