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CBD Massage Oil Helps Achieve Peak Relaxation

In this blog, I am discussing leveraging CBD Oil for massages and how it can help you reach peak relaxation, and other fun ways it can be used. I suffer from arthritis from an injury. To help manage the pain I go every week or two to get a massage with CBD oil. This helps to relax the strained muscles around my arthritis that compensate for the workload my back doesn’t do anymore. Because my back doesn’t function the same, there are lots of tight and strained muscles that cause a lot of pain and are really annoying. So when I got a bottle of our CBD massage oil I was eager to have my masseuse use it on me so I could see if it worked for me.

When I arrived in her office she was happy to try out the oil we made for me and I was shocked at the difference it made. To start the CBD really helped get rid of some inflammation and pain that I was already feeling and without it, massages can be a bit more painful for me. Since I was able to relax more than normal and the massage was less painful I was really achieving peak relaxation. I also think it was easier for her to get out my knots easier with my entire body was much more relaxed.

I still remember the first time I did this, I left her office and got back to my car and it was wild how I felt. So much of the tightness was gone and I felt no pain. I also felt such a full-body relaxation because she applied it everywhere. I ended up just putting my seat back in the car for 10 minutes and just enjoyed how relaxed and pain-free I felt before taking off and heading home.

The massage oil is also a very nice way to connect with your significant other. My girlfriend has a very stressful job and will occasionally come home in a not so great mood. I will give her a body massage with our CBD massage oil for about 10 minutes and give her one of our D8 savvy pens to enjoy. Needless to say, this works extremely well and I often get a CBD massage right after. According to her, it is not just good massage oil it is the best massage oil she has tried. She also mentioned how she likes how easy it is to spread on your body because you don’t need a lot to cover a wide area.

There are also additional ingredients in the CBD massage oil that helps enhance the effectiveness. Krystilion uses Vitamin E, Arnica, and Chamomile to help enhance the massage experience.

Overall I think mixing CBD massage oil and a professional massage can really help reach peak relaxation. Also an insider tip I will also take our CBD tincture about 30 min before the massage or use our D8 Savvy cartridge in the parking lot before going in and getting the entourage effect of all the items. I am also getting rid of a good amount of inflammation and pain before getting the massage so it's extremely relaxing from the start.

About the Author: My name is Dan Healey and I am the VP of Sales at Krystilion. I am enthusiastic about working in this industry and with this business because I was injured in my mid-twenties playing football and now have arthritis in my back. So now I get the pleasure of selling products that I use on a daily basis that helps me continue to participate in the activities that I love like golf, weightlifting, and softball.

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