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White Labeling

Our products your label. Purchase our products fully packaged and nearly ready to go, all you have to do is print your labels and stick them on. Don't want to take on the task of labeling the products? No problem. we can take care of that for you.


By using our internal resources and expertise, you’re leveraging our purchasing power, packaging facility, and marketing department to help provide complete solutions.

Hemp Processing

You've successfully grown hemp, now what?  Processors help bridge the gap between plant material and final product.  Between drying, bucking, milling, extraction, distillation, isolation, and product formulation, processing can be a complex subject matter without the right help.

Product Development

Have a CBD product idea, but need helping to make it? Our top of the line lab and team of experts can help you from finding the perfect formulation to packaging, manufacturing, and distributing your product. Complete this form for someone to start the conversation and learn more about pricing. 


We manufacture our CBD crystal from a variety of locally and nonlocally sourced hemp products including biomass and crude oil.  What this means is our customers get to work directly with the product manufacturer.  We can send you 5 gallons or 55-gallon drums of some of our unscented formulas ready for you to scent and package. We are able to wholesale raw materials and end-user products at competitive prices.   


To ensure the best and consistent quality our products are tested by a third party. A Certificate of Analysis is available for every wholesale product developed.

Private Labeling

Take our amazing product and make it to match your brand. Pick the bottle, closure, custom scents, and all the details in-between. We will ship it to you ready to label. Complete this form for someone to start the conversation and learn more about pricing. 

BYOD (Bring Your Own Distillate)

Do you have your own hemp-derived distillate or isolate but don't know what to do with it? We can help with that by blending it in our wide selection of product bases! We call is our BYOD (Bring Your Own Distillate) model. We need some information from you to help us give you an accurate quote. Complete the form and an expert will start working on a custom quote for your product.

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